The Bed Basket Small Blue

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What can be more satisfying for a pet after a nice long walk, then snuggling up in the cosiest of baskets? NOTHING! And this should be the basket that they are allowed to snuggle up in.
Allowing your pet to experience ultimate lounging luxury but also handle the day to day needs of the owner and pet, these super cosy bed baskets are ideal for any pet whether it’s chill out hour or bed time. Snuggle it next to the radiator in the kitchen, place it next to your sofa or even stick it next to your matching beanbag, ideal addition to any home.
With supportive hypoallergenic padding, these little chunks of comfy for your pet can be put straight into the washing machine… or even hosed in the garden for them really muddy winter days. Added bonus, they are resistant to fleas and dust mites (amazingly not comfortable for every creature). Available in 8 colours, these made to order beanbags really add a personal touch that you and your pet will love. Just pick the size that best suits and relax knowing with our special durable material it will withstand the almightiest of chewing! Created exclusively for pets who appreciate lounging… and owners who care!
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