Have you ever just looked at your pet and you can instantly read its mind? Every loving dog and cat owner will know this feeling. The most honest and loyal species on this earth just somehow have a magic to speak without speaking.

When we started making loungewear and beanbags it was quite obvious that this may spill out into pets. The tell-tale sign maybe was every beanbag, blanket and pair of loungepants that were sampled and made always ended up with the family dogs and cat taking over them! Well they do say that dogs know best so we trusted we were making something comfortable.

The two key members of that ‘testing period’ were Dylan and Trixie. Two contrastingly different looking dogs in every way, but two best friends who shared the personality trait of been the loveliest ‘pups’ you could meet. At 16 and 15 years old respectively, they played a part in our family that anchors us to memories that will never be forgotten. Sadly the pre tense words you see portray a loss that our family went through but their memories live on and even more so with Lazy Pet.

So we plan to bring you and your pet’s quality products that are all delivered FREE to your home and manufactured in the UK. Full of character, colour and comfort these charming products will be affordable and cosy and always have the interests of the pet and the owner at heart!

Whether you are matching you and your pup with Lazy Git products or just genuingly have a Lazy Pet, these are created exclusively for pets who appreciate lounging… and owners who care!